Happiness Definition Philosophy

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‘Happiness’ is a term often that describes a state of mind from a positive aspect and with a positive note. The happiness definition could be explained as something that brings an aura of sheer positivity in life.

So what is happiness? The term has been described and interpreted in various ways by various mediums like religious, philosophical, biological and many more. No matter how different the sources were, the common point among them was that it always represented the common theme of positivity in all of them.

Happiness definition philosophy

Philosophically, happiness definition widely ranges according to various philosophers from just being emotional state of mind to real world economical state to the state of our health. Such as – happiness represents the mass well-being of our mind, wealth, health and all around inclinations according to philosopher Kant. Similarly, philosophers like Hegel described it as not just a singular but sustainable pleasure; meaning described as something that covers not only emotional arc, but also the other circumstances that may help create pleasure.

Both are right of course, but true happiness is a ‘normal’ state of being that love has given you. Love is the one universal power that binds all living things, much like Star Wars ‘The Force’. This love energy created the whole universe. It created planets, asteroids, suns, moons and of course …. YOU.

Happiness definition in the bible

The term happiness covers gigantic meaning in context of Bible, as its meaning is covered in many verses in the bible; some of which describes it as something that can be attained as a fruit if one serves to Jesus with true heart, mind and spirit, whereas others explains the word in relation to the wicked (devils), salvation, wealth and even karma.

Happiness definition in Declaration of Independence

There is another term related with happiness called “pursuit of happiness”. The pursuit of happiness definition is fundamental right to pursue joy and living anyway that will make one happy and making sure that one does not commit anything illegal or break the law in his quest to happiness. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness“. Everyone from the USA knows that line. It is not just your right to be happy. NO, it is your true self being.

While we may not always easily define happiness definition, it is very few who get the deep secret meaning hidden behind the word. YOUR LOVE.


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